All for ONE Price!!!

Acrylic Painting Set, 24 Vibrant Colors + 15 Brushes + Mixing Knife + Art Sponge + Cheap Price AND A 96% 5-Star Rating. You’re not dreaming it’s the paint set you wanted PLUS MORE! Order Now.

We Know This Is Crazy Value. Here’s The Secret Of How We Did It.
At Benicci, we’re not so different to you.

Here you are, searching Amazon high and low for acrylic painting supplies. You’re searching hard for the exact paints that will make your handcrafted art sing! You’re looking for a great price, but you must have those creamy vibrant pigments that glide on to your material of choice. Be it canvas, clay, wood… and all the rest!

You’ve seen some duds on your search. And you’ve seen some winners. One thing’s certain, you are NOT a lazy shopper!

Well, that’s how we shop too.

… Except we shop wholesale all over the world, to places other brands are too lazy to bother with.

And that’s how we can bring you such incredible paint, along with so many FREE BONUSES! And that’s why we have an average rating of 4.9 Stars!

Today, you get…

✓ Acrylic Color Paints Set of 24 Vibrant Colors (12ml)
✓ 15x Different sized brushes (nylon, non-shed)
✓ 1x Art Mixing Knife
✓ 1x Proper Art Sponge
✓ … acrylics paint brushes knife and sponge, all for one basic acrylic paint price!

Not only that…

We’re giving you an incredible 6-Month Guarantee on our product.

You think you’re surprised now – wait till you start painting!

Order Now, Risk Free.

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