Jewelry findings set jewelry making kit can be applied to make and repair jewelry. Suitable size for small item DIY for necklaces, bracelets, earrings, anklets, etc.

This is a really lovely adults beginners jewelry making kit. Suitable kit for jewelry and handcrafts making, let you creative spirit run free

All products are packed in a plastic storage box for easy packing and carrying

Package includes:

1 x 5m Black Waxed Nylon Cord 0.5mm

1 x Reel of Silver Tiger Tail Beading Wire 0.5mm

1 x Reel of Clear Beading Elastic 0.6mm

1 x Silver Coils Bracelet Memory Ring

1 x Curved nose pliers

1 x Tweezer

1 x Brass Ring

1 x Plastic case

40 x Head pin (35 mm)

40 x Flat needle (35 mm)

10 x Lobster clasp (6 x 12 mm)

16 x Earring hook (20 mm)

6 x French ear hooks (16 x 10 mm)

10 x Extended chain (50 x 3 mm)

4 x Weight (10 x 5 mm)

4 x Screw buckle (15 x 5 mm)

8 x Spring buckle (6 mm)

80 x Open jump ring (5 mm)

50 x Ribbon Clamp Crimps with Loop(3 x 8 mm)

20 x Iron Ribbon Ends(10 mm)

8 x Brooch buckle (25 x 5 mm)

6 x Earplugs (4 x 3 mm)

10 x Positioning beads (2 mm)

Notice: For use under adult supervision

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