What is DIY Oil Paint By Number?

This kind of art can be dating up to the 1950s. Painting by number become a style of art.

Different from other traditional oil painting, this kind of art created by filling in pre-numbered areas on a canvas panel with matching colors paint.

Paint by numbers is a relaxing art form. It can be operate very easy. So it is suitable for the people who want to learn oil painting.

Because the traditional oil painting is much more difficult and many people choose this one as an start to create an art sense.

It is also suitable for your kids (over 6 years old). This will help them relax and also facilitate them to build an art hobby.

Now, this art form is popular again and Colour Talk is leading with more new designs for you to enjoy.

The advantage of DIY Oil Painting By Number?

1.The DIY Oil Paint by number is a good gift for parents, child, lover and friends. You can send it as a birthday gift, Christmas gift, an award gift for your kids and so on. It is suitable for all occasions.

2.This is an art you can share with others. Family, couple, friends can work together to paint one oil painting. It will enhance the bond between you and your family members, friends, lovers and so on.

3.In your leisure time you will find one more things to do.it will help you kill time and also you can build a sense of art. so it will help you learn other art form in the future.

4.When you fulfill the oil painting, it makes you feel a sense of achievement. You can hang it in your home or regard it as a gift to your lover.


This product is not suitable for the kids under 6 years old. keeping the product at the place your kids can not reached.

Please complete the painting in 1-2 months after the opening of the paints.

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